design-build services

When you start from scratch with a renovation or building idea, the first step is to secure a designer to help draw up the plans. Next, you’ll need a builder to bring your project to life. The solution to many of these problems is to find a company that offers design-build services.

Design-build services deliver one entity that provides both design and construction services. Dealing with two separate entities comes with a special set of challenges, from finding an architect and a contractor who are on the same page to lining up schedules. But with design-build services you get it all from the same company.

The Top 5 Advantages of Design-Build Services

1. Everyone Is On the Same Team

When the architectural designers and the builders are all batting for the same team, you get total accountability. There’s no passing the buck if a problem arises because everyone wants to provide the best possible customer service. Whether you’re updating your kitchen or gutting and remodeling your entire home, you want a team that will work together as a cohesive unit in order to resolve problems and get the job done right.

2. Experience and Expertise

While many firms claim that they provide both design and building services, typically, they end up specializing in one or the other. It’s best to work with a well-rounded team where all of the members really do have expertise in both sides in order to get the best possible results — from the planning stages on through the actual implementation of the design.

Another benefit of design-build services is that the two parts of the whole are experienced at working together as a team. They’re able to do this in a seamless manner to ensure that everything moves along as quickly and smoothly as possible.

3. Continuous Consistency

Using a design-build firm means that you have one company involved from the beginning of the process until the last wood chips are swept up and flecks of construction dust wiped away. This helps ensure that the entire project is laid out in a way that’s organized and structured, with all steps receiving the same amount of care and attention. Nothing becomes an afterthought or falls to the wayside, only to be discovered down the road (or even worse — to cause problems after the project is complete). A design-build company works like a well-oiled machine from start to finish.

4. Communication and Collaboration

Because everyone on your design-build team works for the same company, this makes communication constant and fluid. The team works seamlessly together to know what’s going on. Most importantly, this means that you only have one point of contact, rather than calling back and forth between two separate firms to find out who currently has the ball.

Easy, open, and honest communication with the customer is one of the biggest benefits of design-build services. The process isn’t just about the professionals involved; it also requires collaboration with the homeowner in order to ensure that the end result is one that fulfills everything they originally envisioned.

5. Save Time and Money

While remodeling is an excellent investment both in terms of home value and quality of life, the initial cost can creep ever upwards. This is especially true for kitchen updates and bathroom remodels. Because of this, it’s important to save money wherever possible.

Design-build strategies help save both time and money. For one, the entire team works together with a calculated approach, figuring out the most effective way to get the job done. There are a lot of moving parts involved in a building project — and especially a large and complex one. When one firm is responsible for laying out and following through with the timeline, the process moves at a faster pace.

This especially holds true when hurdles arise or changes need to be made. Quick and easy communication between the client, as well as the design and building team, ensures that everyone involved can help make decisions about the best way to achieve an optimal end result without causing huge delays. Using a design-build firm can result in financial savings of as much as 10% of the entire project.

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