whole home remodel

Are you tired of cooking in a space that looks like the set of a classic TV sitcom? Your kitchen is outdated. It needs new cabinets, new flooring, modern new appliances — new everything. But, if you remodel the kitchen, you’d really like to use wood flooring and carry it throughout the whole house. And how can you possibly redo the kitchen and update all the cabinets when they’re the exact same ones in the bathrooms? Those need to be ripped out and replaced, as well. It looks like it’s time for a whole home remodel!

Change the Face of Your Place With a Whole Home Remodel

Your Home 2.0

As daunting as a project of this size may sound, it’s actually a chance to upgrade your home. A whole home remodel provides you with the opportunity to maximize the space you already use — adding storage to your kitchen and bathrooms, for instance. You can install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in the kitchen that gives you the ability to stash little-used dishes and appliances up high. Pull-out cabinets can help you better reach items stored way at the back. What about built-in book and/or electronics storage for the living room?

One of the best things about a whole home remodel is that you can finally put those unused areas to good use. Do you have an entire attic space that’s gathering dust, an awkward closet that’s never quite worked out as a useful storage space, or a basement space that’s simply going to waste?

Your contractor can work with those rooms to make them an active part of your home and lifestyle. The abandoned attic can become a kids’ playroom that gives the little ones a place to let loose and the parents a chance to take a break. That closet can be maximized into a glamour boutique perfect for displaying cocktail dresses and designer shoes. The basement is a potential man cave, ready to be customized in a sports or Star Wars theme.

The Utility Bill Shift

Keep in mind that a remodel may affect your utility bills. Install a new gas fireplace in the living room and expect the gas bill to jump. By the same token, if you switch your electric stove out for a gas one, you’ll see a slight dip in electricity and a slight jump in your gas usage. Updated bathrooms can be a big culprit in higher water bills, as everyone fights to be the next one to try out the luxurious new steam shower or soaking tub.

Speaking of utilities, be sure that you have the right electrical panel, as well as the right-sized hot water heater and gas meter to accommodate any potential new additions. Even worse than fighting over the soaking tub is not having enough hot water to fill it.

The change in utilities won’t necessarily be all about things jumping. If you make “greening” your house part of the remodeling process, you could actually see a drop in your heating and cooling bills. One way to do this is by replacing your old, single-glazed windows with updated, energy-efficient ones that do a better job of keeping extreme outdoor temperatures outside while holding your heat/air conditioning in.

New doors can also play a part in energy savings. Especially if you have an older home, doors can warp and door frames can shift over time. This allows cold drafts in and lets your summertime air conditioning out. Having new front and back doors installed in your home not only gives it a refreshed look; it can also make you sigh with relief when you open the monthly electric bill.

Totally Transform Your Home

A whole home remodel is your chance to finally turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted. Perhaps the living room of your dreams features a permanent waterfall or a surround-sound theater system. Maybe you’d like to have a spa-like bathroom in which to refresh and recharge. Whatever you choose, think of your lifestyle and make sure that the changes you choose are ones that make sense long-term. While permanently-installed baby gates will look silly in a few years when the toddlers are big kids, tastefully-installed grab bars or a large, handicapped-accessible shower will give you the ability to age in place.

If you’re overwhelmed with ideas (or running short on them), talk to your contractor. They’ll be able to walk you through the options and help you choose the ones that make sense.

At Malek Construction, our team works hard to make you feel right at home. Looking at a whole home remodel? Contact us and we’ll help you build your dreams.