Experience in Planning and Execution

The Malek Construction Team Builds Relationships that Last

About Our Founder, Chad Malek

Chad Malek wears many hats at Malek Construction. For most of our customers, they know him best as the idea guy. He’s the guy they talk to about their big plans for their home, and he’s the one who helps put that plan into motion. There is nothing Chad likes more than to help customers plan, design and build the elements of their house that make it a dream home.

Although he came up working in general contracting with his father throughout Northeast Ohio, Chad spent many years in sales in the healthcare IT field. During this time he acquired his MBA and found that his passion for contracting work was reignited. With his understanding of business structure and standards driving the day-to-day at Malek Construction, the company has built best-in-class processes to give exceptional customer satisfaction on all of our projects.

About our crew

Our crew focuses on craftsmanship that is unmatched by other contractors in Northeast Ohio. But what really sets them apart is that they truly appreciate the opportunity to be invited into your home. Our team has experience with new builds, remodels, rehab projects and repair work. Throughout these projects, they take pride in being respectful to our customers’ homes, taking the time to understand how important the project is and to keep a clean, safe work zone. We work our entire process around you, so you know what work is being done and how your project timeline is coming together.

We also have an experienced design team including a licensed architect interior designer for our projects, meaning we can help you design and build the project you want. We always start by listening to your goals for your project and then sharing our experience with you to help collaborate on the best solution for your project.

The success of Malek Construction is based on the commitment to excellence of our crew. They are focused on building projects and relationships that will last for years.

Ready to start your next home improvement project? Let’s get a conversation started today. If you’re still trying to learn what we can do, we welcome you to visit our testimonials page. We find that our happy customers can describe how we work better than we can!