kitchen remodeling tips

After years of talking about it, you’re finally ready to make it happen — you’re remodeling your outdated kitchen. Where do you start with such a large project? Our kitchen remodeling tips will give you a few things to mull over before you speak to your contractor.

Get Cooking With Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Remodeling Tips

1. Have a Plan

A complete kitchen remodel is a big deal. Especially if it’s more than a cosmetic update, be sure you’ve planned out every aspect of your new cooking space.

For starters, this means taking into consideration your typical behavior in the kitchen and laying the floor plan out accordingly. You can imagine your ideal layout as a sort of “work triangle” with straight lines drawn from your cooktop to your sink, from your sink to your refrigerator, and from your fridge to the cooktop. This works well because these are the three areas you’ll use the most as you cook.

It’s also important to get careful measurements on everything before purchasing new appliances. If you’re not sure if the huge stove you’ve been dreaming of is going to overtake your entire kitchen, use blue painter’s tape to mark off the area it will be installed to see before you commit.

Finally, plan out your cabinet space in order to make frequently-used items accessible. This will mean storing everyday plates and drinkware within easy reach. Also, consider having a pull-out garbage drawer installed to keep your trash can handy, but out of sight.

2. Focus on Flooring and Cabinets

While new appliances are an exciting part of a kitchen remodel, keep in mind that what truly makes your kitchen pop isn’t a shiny new fridge — it’s the flooring, countertops, and cabinets that set it off. Your contractor has seen it all and knows what materials work well together, as well as what once-popular styles are on their way out.

In addition to having a good-looking kitchen, you’ll also need a hard-working kitchen that can stand up to abuse. That’s why choosing high-quality products that can stand up to spills, scratches, and scrapes is one of the top kitchen remodeling tips. Some materials look good but don’t hold up well. Your contractor can help guide you in the right direction.

Even if you’re completely ripping everything out and starting with new cabinets from top to bottom, keep in mind that you still have the option to keep electrical outlets and plumbing exactly where they are. It will save you lots of money if plumbers and electricians don’t have to run new plumbing or rewire things.

3. Lighten Things Up

Mood lighting isn’t just for the living and bedroom areas of a home. Because so much of your time is spent in the kitchen, the right lighting is crucial. Pendants, wall sconces, and track lighting can be used with dimmer switches to set the perfect vibe for a quiet evening spent cooking at home.

Because it can’t be all about mood all the time, you’ll also need a bit of utility lighting. Recessed lighting canisters provide great all-around lighting with subtle fixtures. Under-cabinet lighting is a must in any remodeled kitchen, as it will give you that bit of extra light you need when prepping dinner.

4. End Your Storage Woes

One of the most important kitchen remodeling tips is to use this opportunity to get more storage! While a beautiful new kitchen is a pretty nice perk of remodeling, you’ll soon discover that the biggest perk is suddenly having loads of functional storage. From floor-to-ceiling cabinets to unused wall space that now houses useful shelves, you’ll be amazed at finally having a space for everything. For smaller kitchen spaces, ceiling-mounted racks and hooks installed on the backs of doors can give you the extra bit of storage you need to put things in order.

5. Communicate With Your Contractor

Your contractor’s goal is to build a kitchen to that works for you. In order to do this, you’ve got to discuss your wants and needs for your new kitchen, as well as your budget for the project.

It’s important that you communicate often and openly with your designer-builder. If something in the design doesn’t work for you, they need to know about it as early on in the process as possible. Also be 100% clear about any house rules. Do you need the crew to stop work after a certain hour? Would you like them to wear protective booties as they move through the rest of your home? Discuss all of this up front.

If you are open, communicative, kind, and respectful with your contractor, they’ll return the favor. A happy customer means that they’re doing their job right.

At Malek Construction, our team works hard to make you feel right at home. Looking for more kitchen remodeling tips? Contact us and we’ll help you build your dreams.