home remodel ideas for 2017

Our phone has been ringing off the hook with customers looking for home remodel ideas for 2017. And, we’re so excited about it because that is a New Year’s change we know we can help them fulfill!

There are many trends in our industry that come and go, but we always like to recommend remodel ideas that will fit your family’s daily life and make your home seem like your sanctuary. Improvements like these tend to add value to your home AND provide you with value while you live there.

So what are the big trends we’re seeing this year for people who want to make their house feel more livable and modern? Well, it’s still early in 2017, but here are some trends we’ve seen from customers so far.

Kitchen Remodels that Create Space and Comfort

It isn’t just a 2017 trend — the kitchen remodel is probably the No. 1 request we get at Malek Construction. But what we’re seeing more and more of is home remodel ideas that include removing walls or closed in space to open the kitchen up to the rest of the house. This often means joining the flow of the kitchen into the living room, great room or dining room. Additionally, functional sitting space attached to cooking space continues to trend upward. From islands with stools in them to more eat-in kitchen designs, the goal is to truly make the kitchen the heart of the home.

These great remodeling options are exciting for our team, as we get to focus on making a space both functional and luxurious, a true creative task for us. We’ve had some real fun with projects where we’ve joined the kitchen space and living space into a working, relaxing flow for our customers.

Mudrooms for Storage

For most of us, when we get back from a day at work or an afternoon of errands it’s nice to have a second to settle in when we get home. More and more, we’re seeing that mudrooms give people a chance to take off their jacket and shoes, set down their keys, and gather themselves after they’ve been out in the world. Even better, by providing storage for all of your shoes and other outdoor gear, they help keep your home cleaner and more organized.

Ideally, mudrooms can be created to go near or around doors to give you a clean point of entry for your home. This is particularly great for those of us who have kids. More and more, we’re seeing requests for custom storage, places to hang coats and sweatshirts, and a place to sit down when someone comes home.

It may seem like this will eat up a lot of space, but the good news is that a mudroom no longer needs to be a dedicated room. This can be designed creatively with just about any available first-floor space you have. We have experience carving out nooks for benches, hooks, and cubbies in hallways, adding custom cabinetry to laundry rooms and even sectioning off a portion of the kitchen for storage.

Master Suites Remodeled to be Your Sanctuary

So many of our customers have a master bedroom that they’ve put off to the side as they remodel other parts of their house — but think about how much time you spend in your bedroom. Add to that how much time you spend in your primary bathroom. Now you can see why a big home remodel idea for 2017 is the master suite.

When you start to think of your master suite as a private sanctuary for relaxation and rest, you’ll be able to conceive of an entirely new way to use the space. A combination of the master bedroom, a modern master bathroom, and master closet coming together with a complete remodel will give you the feeling of a high-end hotel room.

At Malek Construction, our team works hard to make you feel right at home. Looking to make your existing home feel brand new in 2017? Contact us and we’ll help build your dreams.