finished basement for kids

Anyone who has children knows that sometimes even just a little bit of space is key — which is why a finished basement for kids is the perfect getaway for everyone.

Separated from the rest of the house, a finished basement can be a great way to offer kids their own space, give them a place to spread out their seemingly infinite toys, or give you and your friends a place to entertain multiple kids for a playdate.

Although, if you’d prefer to leave the kids upstairs and have more of an adult playroom in the basement, that works too. We’ve certainly done our share of basement remodels built around adult beverages and peace and quiet.

But if giving up the basement to the kids is the right move for your family, it’s time to think creatively about how to use that space. If you’re considering how to make your basement space more crafty or fun for you kids, we’ve already done some of the research for you. Looking across the internet, we found some amazing concepts for a finished basement for kids. A few of these are very DIY, while others may require help from a team of contractors like ours. Either way, we hope this post gets you thinking creatively.

Crafty Finished Basement Ideas For Kids

When it comes to indoor activities, arts and crafts are often a hit. To inspire creativity, you can give kids their own workspace (or even just a corner) with some custom cabinetry, a little bit of storage space, and even a small dose of kid-friendly paint. Here’s an example of a small but crafty workspace that would fit in most basements.

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You can expand on this concept with chalkboard paint and simple design touches, like this craft wall.

If you’re worried that the crafts will get a bit too messy (and they will!) add in some functional storage shelves like these.

Cool Finished Basement Ideas For Kids

If you have a little more space in your basement — enough to dedicate an entire room or more to your kids’ play area — you can really get creative and build some custom ideas into your basement.

Perhaps the coolest finished basements for kids we’ve seen lately are those that give kids their own little world. This can be done by taking a corner space of your basement and customizing it into a playhouse brought to life.

Or, you can use infrastructure in your basement, such as beams, to put together an imaginary world like a pirate ship, castle, or boat. Here’s an example of an indoor tree house bedroom that brings Peter Pan’s world to life.

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Finally, your finished basement for kids could bring a new world to them every day with a library. Custom built-ins or shelving allow you to stack books to the ceiling, giving kids what feels like infinite space to store all their books.

Crazy Finished Basement Ideas For Kids

We all know that kids can go a little stir crazy during a long Ohio winter. Perhaps the best response is to fight crazy with crazy. Check out these fascinating concepts for keeping the little ones entertained.

Here’s an idea that will help them get out the excess energy.

You also have the option to bring the playground to you when it’s wet outside. Here’s a great looking indoor playground concept.

You can even mix these two concepts with a finished basement for kids that mixes the exercise options with the traditional playground options. Here’s a great example.

At Malek Construction, our team works hard to make you feel right at home. Looking to put together a strategy for a basement that will grow with your family? Contact us and we’ll help you get started. Looking to keep up with photos of our cool projects? Check us out on Instagram!