Project Details

Project Description

During the review of a potential home purchase our customer realized that the existing bathroom was a show stopper — in the worst way. It was outdated and didn’t fit the overall design plans of the house they wanted to live in. As such, they brought us in early in their due diligence to review the space and dream up how to make it more luxurious and functional. Bringing in our designer, we worked with them to create a plan for a modern bathroom that would have the feel of a spa and the space to fit their lifestyle.

Our Work

In the end, we were able to put together a luxurious master bathroom that feels modern and spacious from top to bottom. From the open shower that brings class to the space, to the beautiful finishing touches, the bathroom now feels like a vacation spot in our customer’s home.

The Result

Few things in life are as relaxing and comforting as a space designed just for you. This full bathroom remodel changed the complete feel of the house, giving our customer a luxurious design and ample space to enjoy their private sanctuary.