bathroom makeover tips

Besides the kitchen, there is perhaps no room in your home that’s more exciting to remodel than the bathroom. From a spa-like atmosphere to sleek new storage and eco-friendly fixture choices, the options are endless. Our bathroom makeover tips will help get the creative juices flowing as you plan out the bathroom of your dreams.

Refresh Your Restroom With These Bathroom Makeover Tips

Create a Custom Shower or Bath

A bathroom is all about bathing, so your design must include a phenomenal shower or bath tub. Imagine it: a beautiful walk-in shower encased in glass and featuring a waterfall shower head and massaging jets that shoot from all directions. A bathroom remodel means installing a shower that you’ll never want to step out of.

If you’re not in the mood for a shower, a soaking tub can soothe away the cares of the day. Jetted tubs don’t have to mean big, bulky hot tubs anymore; if you’d like bubbling water with your bath, opt for a more compact tub with jets. Newer models that use air jets, rather than shooting water through an interior piping system, require zero maintenance — unlike their water jet counterparts.

Bring in Natural Light

If your bathroom needs more lighting, one of the most valuable bathroom makeover tips is to let Mother Nature help you out. Natural light looks beautiful in a bathroom, and if your current bath doesn’t have windows or skylights, ask your contractor if it’s possible to install them. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have an exterior wall, you may be able to change out a solid bathroom door for one that’s made of smoked glass – offering you privacy as well as a bit of natural light from an exterior room or hallway.

Your Spa at Home

Our increasingly busy lives mean that it’s hard to have time to schedule in a spa day. Because of this, many people are opting to turn their bathrooms into home spas that can be enjoyed every single day.

Completing a bathroom remodel means that you don’t have to settle for lighting a candle and turning on mood music to create a spa-like atmosphere. Your overall design really will turn your bathroom into a private spa. Keep aromatherapy oils handy for relaxing in your soaking tub. Install a floor-to-ceiling waterfall that will create soothing sounds as you get ready for a big meeting or decompress after a tough day at the office. Bright, glaring bathroom lights are not conducive to a spa-like vibe, so gentle mood lighting that you can customize with a dimmer switch is a must. Flip on music that plays via Bluetooth through speakers you have installed throughout your home spa and the experience is complete!

Infinite Types of Tile and Flooring

Gone are the days of blah bathroom tile. Now, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the materials you can use in your newly-remodeled bath. If you’d like to use wood, make sure you talk to your contractor about using one that won’t be susceptible to the heat and humidity typical in bathroom environments.

Most commonly, you’ll be using natural stone or tile. The former is more expensive and requires you to seal and maintain it, but natural stone looks absolutely beautiful. You can also achieve a natural stone look with less-expensive tile lookalikes. Subway tile or glass tile will please those who are going for a retro look or a clean, contemporary look for their updated bathrooms.

Green Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel may cost money up front, but it’s is an excellent opportunity to cut down on your utility bills in the long run. New fixtures and appliances make this easy, as so many of them are made to save water and energy.

Many sink faucets and shower heads, for instance, have governors in them that control water flow, helping you to use less without even thinking about it. Modern low-flow toilets are similarly water-saving, and some even feature two different flush options that allow you to choose a small flush for regular jobs and larger flushes for more heavy-duty ones.

Water isn’t the only area in which you can be kind to the environment. Energy-efficient lighting can help save on electricity. As you plan which materials to use for cabinets and flooring, look into materials that are recycled or sustainable.

In every way imaginable, remodeling your bathroom will bring it into the 21st century. Talk to your contractor to find out what you can do with your existing bathroom space.

At Malek Construction, our team works hard to make you feel right at home. Looking for more bathroom makeover tips? Contact us and we’ll help you build your dreams.