home addition tips

All too often, when people outgrow their house, they put up a for sale sign and begin the search for something new. This doesn’t have to be the case, however! Remodeling your current home to add additional space can help you stay put while increasing the value of the house. Check out these home addition tips for inspiration on how to make the absolute most out of the beautiful home you already have.

Live Life to the Fullest with Extra Living Space

Are you expecting a new little one in the next few months? Maybe you have an older family member who will be living with you or adult kids who plan to move back home. No matter what, having extra living space will give your family the space and comfort it needs.

Home addition tips for expanded living space go beyond simply building an extra bedroom. Consider adding on a den as a bonus entertainment/living space. An expanded kitchen with extra storage space and additional bar seating is a great idea to handle the needs of a growing family. If you have a family member moving in permanently or family that visits frequently, a mother-in-law suite can provide the privacy of a hotel room with the convenience of being right at home with the rest of the family. A mother-in-law suite is especially helpful for accommodating familial overflow during the holidays.

Home Addition Tips for the Garage of Your Dreams

A garage is a useful and valuable addition to your home. The exciting thing is, though, that a garage can be more than simply car storage. When you design a custom garage addition, the sky’s the limit. Want to create that extra bedroom for your boomerang 20-something kid, but you need for it to be disconnected from the actual house? Build a garage with an apartment above. Do you have a passion for woodworking, but currently have nowhere to complete projects? A garage with a workshop attached is the perfect solution. From built-in tool storage so that you can tinker on cars to extra space for a gardening worktable and outdoor sink to clean up before heading inside, the possibilities are endless.

Expand Up with a Second-Story Addition

If you’re excited about staying in your neighborhood and home and really want to expand, consider adding a second-story addition. While this may seem too good to be true, it’s absolutely possible to add a second story on above the first floor of your home. Need an extra room or two? Do a partial second-floor expansion. To truly maximize your space, a full second-story addition will double your square footage.

Because second-story additions are incredibly complex projects that require careful planning and proper engineering, it’s extremely important to work with a contractor who is experienced with such projects. They’ll be able to bring in the proper experts to determine structural details such as support beam sizes necessary to hold the weight for a second-floor addition, as well as ensure that the building team has all the proper permits in place before the project moves forward.

Add Living Space Outdoors

The last of our home addition tips involves moving things outdoors to create a comfortable, beautiful living area right in the back yard. When people think of home additions, they often limit themselves to imagining knocking down walls and adding onto the inside of the house. However, a gorgeous outdoor kitchen can create a space that’s incredibly useful for entertaining large groups. A sunroom is a perfect place to relax if the weather isn’t great, while a patio or deck provides a wonderful outdoor space to catch some sun, read a book, or play guitar. Why should all of the extra living space be indoors?

If you’re not sure where to start with outdoor living space ideas, your designer-build firm will be able to consult with you and take into consideration the size and layout of your existing outdoor space to find out what design will work best for your space and your family’s needs. An amazing new living space awaits you!

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