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Homeowners are always on the search for different ways that they can improve their quality of life at home while simultaneously adding value to their house. Building an outdoor deck does just that. In recent years, outdoor decks have started to become popular additions to homes for a couple of reasons. 

A few of these reasons include the ability for greater outdoor enjoyment, hosting social gatherings, overall functionality, and additional living space. These are great perks, but when it comes time to begin a home improvement project like this, you’ll want to be sure that the value of your home will increase so that when and if it comes time to sell your home, you’ll get back most, if not all of the money that you invested.

How an Outdoor Deck Can Add Value to Your Home

Outdoor decks are a hot trend in the home-buying market, which means homes with one are more enticing to buyers. Decks have replaced patios as well as front porches as the social focal point of the summer. The combination of outdoor privacy and the comfort they provide is appealing to homebuyers, especially when you can add seating and an area for grilling

So how exactly can an outdoor deck improve your home’s value? Decks can be considered as added living space, especially in areas with nice weather year-round. The added living space is valuable, considering not every home has the capacity for large living/family rooms and areas to spend time, entertain guests or host parties. 

The 2018 Remodeling impact Report done by the National Association of Realtors and National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) provides estimates on various outdoor projects, one of which was an outdoor deck. The National Association of Realtors determined that a new wood deck would recover approximately 80 percent of its value when the house is sold. This is with estimated construction costs totaling $10,000, and the estimated added value at sale coming out to approximately $8,000. However, the more expensive the deck is, the less likely it is to recoup the money spent on it once the house is sold. 

When it comes to adding an outdoor deck, the key is to maintain a reasonable budget and ensure that you don’t go over, allowing you to recover your investment at the time of sale. And if you’re able to do at least some of the work yourself, your likelihood of turning a positive ROI increases significantly. 

Ideas for a Durable, Well Designed Outdoor Deck 

When it comes time to build your outdoor deck, there are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind during the planning process. A few of these include setting a budget, selecting material, determining where it’ll go, and if you’ll need to hire a professional or not. Also make sure you know what the purpose, function, and uses of the deck will be, whether it’s for entertainment, dining, or just some additional privacy. Here are some ideas for a durable, well designed outdoor deck. 

Use Composite materials

When you think about a traditional deck, you’re likely imagining one built of redwood, cedar, or cypress, right? But, as we know, eventually all wood rots, especially in moist locations, and you don’t want to be potentially spending thousands of dollars to repair a deck that you already spent thousands on to build! This is why you should consider using composite materials for your deck. Composites are both denser and heavier than wood, which means they won’t ever split, twist, or crack. 

There are various different versions of plastic or composite plastic/wood decking that are reasonably priced and will outlast a wood deck for many years! Composite decking can be cut, drilled, and shaped the same as actual wood, so there’s also no need for any additional tools. Composite material also requires very little maintenance once it has been installed. 

Eliminate Water Collection

The number one culprit of a dying deck is due to water damage/rotting. The best way to avoid this and extend the life of your deck is to be proactive when building it in the first place. Ensure that you take the necessary steps in protecting the wood/material that you choose for your deck. A couple of ways this can be done is by creating opportunities for airflow beneath low-level decks, using post-to-beam connectors, and protecting untreated wood with liquid preservative. 

The best way to ensure your deck stays rot-free is to make sure that the base and foundation of it doesn’t get in contact with water, and if it does, that the water doesn’t stick around, which causes fungus to grow. Applying these methods to your deck-building can result in a difference of years for your deck’s lifespan. 

Consider a Wrap-around Deck Design

This style of outdoor deck has become very popular recently, and for good reason. The wrap-around deck surrounds most of the outside of your house and is commonly elevated off the ground, similar to an old-fashioned porch, except that parts of it can be larger and more spacious than others. Take into account the amount of available space you have around your home prior to considering a wrap-around deck. 

Benefits of a wrap-around deck include extending the living space of your house, providing your family with enough space to be comfortable outside, extending the outdoor area for entertainment, and the ability to follow the sun throughout the day, just to name a few. 


Before you dive right into constructing your deck, you should know where to find a team of experienced designers and contractors to make your outdoor deck ideas come to fruition.

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