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Summer is the perfect time to get the outdoor space of your dreams, but what happens to that space when the weather gets cooler again? If you live in a more seasonal climate like Northeast Ohio, you may want to consider indoor-outdoor elements that can be used year-round. Read on for more information about outdoor spaces for cold climates.

While decks are great options for creating a transitional living space between inside and outside, they aren’t necessarily accessible in the colder months. That’s where the next step into the indoors, like screened-in porches and sunrooms, flourishes. Their versatility for every type of weather makes them the perfect gathering or relaxation place, rain or shine.

Here are a few ideas for year-round outdoor living spaces to help you get the most enjoyment possible out of these areas of your home.

Close It In

Sunrooms or four-season rooms allow for the beautiful sights of the outdoors with all the comforts of being inside. Often made up of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking your yard, they can produce beautiful views year-round while adding an easy access point to get outside. Since they’re fully enclosed, sunrooms can be fully equipped with heating and cooling systems, keeping you comfortable in all types of weather conditions. They also keep all of your furniture and belongings safe from the elements as opposed to an open deck or porch.

One step closer to the outdoors is a screened-in porch. While this still keeps out some outdoor nuisances like insects or birds, it’s relatively open to the outside with walls made of screens instead of windows. This is also a more protective option than open decks or porches but allows the peaceful sounds of the outdoors to filter in while you’re spending time in it. A screened-in porch can keep your furniture and belongings safe against less severe rain and snow conditions but is not as ideal during a larger storm.

Cover It Up

Adding a roof or pergola to an existing deck space or designing a new one where these items are possible can help you transform outdoor spaces into temporary sanctuaries from the elements. You can even add outdoor curtains or a privacy screen to help enclose a usually open outdoor space for certain pockets of time.

These can provide shade in hot weather, and refuge from less ideal weather conditions. This allows you to plan rain or shine events and gatherings without having to worry about accommodating guests inside of your home if there are sudden changes in weather conditions.

Of course, you’ll still have to bundle up to keep warm in colder months, but these changes are easy ways to protect you and your outdoor belongings from rain or snow. If you decide not to cover or enclose your outdoor spaces, we recommend choosing durable, weather-resistant furniture and removing and properly storing all cushions, decorations, and any other potentially damageable items well before inclement weather arrives. This way, you’ll save money and effort in not having to re-buy outdoor items annually.

Keep It Cozy

There are a number of ways to make sure your outdoor spaces feel inviting all year long, including both larger design elements and smaller decoration ideas. One of the most popular elements is an outdoor hot tub, which can help keep you and guests warm even in cooler temperatures. Another is having an outdoor kitchen or television/entertainment space that’s covered for year-round grilling and relaxation with friends and family.

You’ll want to make sure that your outdoor spaces have proper lighting, especially for the winter months when it gets darker earlier. LED fixtures, spotlights, and path markers can all be helpful in ensuring your outdoor areas are usable year-round.

Another tip to keep your outdoor area one that family members and friends keep coming back to is to have good quality, durable, and comfortable furniture, blankets, pillows, and decorations that can be changed out seasonally to match the weather, and stored properly for continued use. Decorating around holidays can keep your outdoor spaces feeling fresh and exciting, and additions like ceiling fans on covered portions and a fire pit or table can make sure your deck or patio is ready for anything, any time of year.

Malek Construction Designs Versatile Outdoor Spaces For Cold Climates in Northeast Ohio

No matter the size of your outdoor project, a professional contractor can help you get the outdoor living space you want within the budget you have. A team of experts, especially one with design and build capabilities, can help you create or transform your outdoor living areas into a year-round gathering space for you and your family. Whether you’re looking to close in outdoor areas, add new and exciting elements to pre-existing spaces, or start completely from scratch,  Malek Construction will work with you to develop and deliver creative and cost-effective solutions for outdoor spaces in the cold climate of Northeast Ohio.

Malek Construction is a general contracting and property development company most often recognized for its high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding service and communication with clients.  We know that any home improvement project can be tedious and frustrating, which is why we’re dedicated to keeping projects on track, working professionally, and treating your home respectfully during renovations and builds. We have architects, builders, and interior designers on our team so you only have to deal with one group of people to achieve an all-in-one solution.

If you’re interested in an outdoor space you can use throughout the entire year in Northeast Ohio, contact us today to discuss your vision. We look forward to hearing more about your home renovation needs!