outdoor decking ideas

As the weather starts to warm up, now is the perfect time to install the deck you’ve always wanted. From platform, freestanding, or raised decks to dining, pool, or garden decks or even multi-level, wraparound, or rooftop decks, there’s a variety of different options to choose from. If you’re looking for outdoor decking ideas to help you catch some rays and entertain guests this spring or summer, you’ve come to the right place!

If your own wants aren’t enough to justify the expense of building or renovating a deck, consider how adding on or updating this outdoor space will affect the resale value of your home. Buyers often find high-quality deck spaces appealing because they are a functional egress between your home and yard, and add to your home’s amount of useable space. This makes decks a cost-efficient way to add value to your home since they increase useable space without breaking the bank like a full room addition might.

Now that you understand the value that a deck can bring to your home — both personally through your lifestyle while in your home, and financially through resale when you want to leave — let’s dive into a few outdoor decking ideas that will help you maximize that value.

Living in the Middle — How to Create Smooth Indoor to Outdoor Transitions

As mentioned above, decks are meant to be connective spaces that bring together elements of the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. There are a few outdoor decking ideas you should consider in order to make this transitional space flow well between both areas.

Indoor features that may work well on your deck include an awning, pergola, or other covering that can provide a level of protection from the elements. A dining area is another way to bring the indoors outside, as is using outdoor versions of indoor furniture like couches, comfortable lounging chairs, and/or coffee tables.

Outdoor elements that can add to the aesthetic and enjoyment of your deck are landscaping around the perimeter and potted plants or flowers sprinkled throughout the deck area. Other outside elements that can be a part of a deck include a grilling area, fire pit, or even a pool, which we’ll explore later.

Know Your Yard and Maximize Space

Rather than working against the natural shape and contours of your yard, consider planning your deck in a way that complements them. A multi-tiered deck is a great solution for a downwardly sloped yard for which other types of decks would require leveling. Contrastingly, if you have a flatter, larger yard, a freestanding deck may work well.

You’ll also need to consider the current or potential points of exit from your home that make the most sense leading out to a deck. Think about this as an extension of the flow within your home. Are you planning on dining out on the deck often? Consider points of entry and exit to and from your kitchen. Is your deck an extension of your indoor lounging areas? Consider the possibilities of access points from your living room or other indoor entertainment spaces.

The space of your property will also determine the possibilities for your deck. If you have a smaller area available for building, consider simpler structures like a one-tier deck or one that requires only a few simple steps to reach your yard. A contractor can help advise you on the deck options available to your specific yard and home and help you come up with creative ideas that suit your needs and budget.

Entertainment Features That Will Wow Your Guests

An outdoor deck is a space often used for entertaining guests — and there are options for added features large and small that can enhance experiences for both you and your guests. A fairly reasonable element that can bring people together on your deck is a fire pit or table for everyone to gather around on fair-weathered nights.

If you have the space and are up for a larger renovation, consider a deck that leads to an outdoor pool for optimal entertainment and relaxation space. A smaller water feature addition option is installing a hot tub on your deck.

One larger addition that will really increase the entertainment value and functionality of your outdoor deck is an outdoor kitchen and/or bar. Especially if you have a larger backyard where your deck may be extended well past the house to other features like a pool area, an outdoor kitchen or bar can add ample entertainment opportunities for you and your guests and be more convenient for hosting than constantly running in and out of the house.

Malek Construction Can Bring These Outdoor Decking Ideas and More to Life

Malek Construction gets decking jobs done quickly and professionally, so you’ll be able to enjoy your deck sooner. Whether you’re looking for a huge multi-level new build, a small, single-level deck area, or an update to an existing deck, our experienced team will listen to your needs to help you create solutions that work the best for your space, and within your budget and timeline.

If you’re interested in any of these outdoor decking ideas or exploring other options, contact us today. Our team looks forward to hearing about your home and discussing your vision.