spring refresh

Sick of your being in your home? Spring is a great time to freshen up your spaces with improvements, especially after over a year of being cooped up inside. As the weather warms up and the spring cleaning bug starts to bite, there are several projects large or small and indoor or outdoor that can give your home a spring refresh. From spring organization to roof or gutter maintenance and outdoor space revitalization to indoor upgrades, there are endless possibilities to consider if you’re wanting to freshen up your home this spring.

Here are four types of home improvements to make for a spring refresh.

Spring Cleaning and Organization

If you’ve joined the spring cleaning frenzy, there are several ways to add storage to your home that can help you reorganize and keep things tidy. Whether you have a small or large amount of space there is a range of options between quick fixes and larger, long-term projects that can buy you more space.

Entryways can be some of the messiest spaces in your home. After months of tracking in snow, slush, and mud, and with winter coats and boots creating clutter, cleaning and reorganizing this area is probably high on your spring cleaning priority list. If you have a small mudroom or entry space, adding built-in shelves, organizational furniture pieces like a shoe bench with shelves underneath, and installing hooks for coats and jackets are all great ways to improve organization in this high-traffic area of your home.

Like the shoe bench mentioned above, furniture pieces that double as storage are great for improving organization throughout your house. For rooms that seem to become a disaster zone regardless of how much work you put into organizing them, consider adding built-in storage solutions like drawers, shelves, and cabinets to help you keep them neat and tidy throughout the year. Built-ins and unique storage furniture pieces can also help you maximize your use of closet space. And if certain rooms just aren’t working for you, spring is the perfect time to consider a remodel or addition to gain more or reorganize the currently available space.

Maintenance to Keep Your Home Up to Par

Spring offers great temperatures and working conditions to complete outdoor maintenance projects on your home. A tough Ohio winter can take a toll on the outside of your home, so you’ll want to check several items around springtime to assess and address any wear or damage.

Your roof is easily the most important element to check for damage if it hasn’t been updated recently. It’s best practice to get a licensed contractor out to your house every spring to make sure that the Northeast Ohio weather hasn’t caused any trouble for your roof. The same goes for your siding, which may also have taken a beating from the winter weather. This will help you to proactively identify any issues, get any necessary repairs made, and protect your home and family.

You’ll also want to check your rain gutters each spring to avoid long-term issues like soil erosion around your home’s foundation, ruined siding, and flooding in your basement. Although modern rain gutters require minimal maintenance, older homes may not have them. Hiring a licensed contractor to change out your older rain gutters in favor of a more modern model can save you from needing to clean them out multiple times a year and ensure that they continue to work properly year-round.

A Spring Refresh for Your Outdoor Spaces

We recently recommended outdoor decking ideas to consider in the spring. While the spring is the perfect time to build a new deck to enjoy in the summer, it’s also a great time for upkeep of your existing deck and a spring refresh of your outdoor furniture.

Washing your deck each spring is essential for avoiding rot or mildew. Before cleaning, make sure you’re covering all surrounding plants to protect them and using a cleanser specifically formulated for the material of your deck or patio. Late spring is also the right time to re-stain or reseal your deck to make sure it looks its best for summer gatherings.

Adding new furniture or reupholstering old or worn down outdoor pieces is another great way to freshen up your outside areas. Spring is also the time to freshen up your landscaping and add potted flowers to decorate your deck areas with a pop of color. And if you’re craving a bigger change outdoors, talk to a licensed contractor about the options for new outdoor structures or renovations of existing spaces.

Incorporating Spring Design Trends

Whether simply changing out decor, buying new furniture, or completely redesigning and renovating spaces, spring is the time for making changes and starting projects that can revitalize your home. Projects like painting or touching up paint inside your house, giving your less-than-fresh kitchen or bathroom sinks, appliances, and finishes an upgrade, or adding greenery indoors can all help you take advantage of new technology and current home trends to keep your spaces feeling fresh.

Working with an interior designer that can help you liven up your home and choose pieces and decor that you wouldn’t otherwise have considered is invaluable if you’re trying to change the tone of certain rooms within your home. If you’re undergoing a spring home renovation, working with a construction team that has in-house interior design services can improve communication for a more cohesive process and end result.

Malek Construction Can Help You Renovate and Refresh Your Home

If you’re wanting to undergo a home or outdoor deck building or renovation project this spring, Malek Construction is the Northeast Ohio partner that will actively listen to your needs to create excellent spaces on jobs of any scope. We work quickly and professionally, respecting your home throughout projects and completing work efficiently so you can avoid the hassles of a long renovation process and enjoy your new space sooner. We offer interior and exterior renovation services, outstanding design-build services, and in-house interior design services to keep our processes streamlined and convenient for clients. On any home project, you’ll only need one partner that can cover every aspect.

If you’re interested in any of the projects mentioned in this blog or exploring other custom options, contact us today. Our team looks forward to discussing your vision!