home office renovation

One lasting change from the pandemic is that many companies have added more remote positions — leaving more people to work from home. If your job is permanently or indefinitely remote and your makeshift, pandemic work from home space just isn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to consider a home office renovation.

The design and furnishings of your home office have the potential to affect your productivity and feelings toward work. When you have a clean, aesthetically pleasing new space with everything you need to get to work within reach, you’ll be more likely to feel motivated and stay inspired when it comes to your daily work routine.

Here are a few aspects to consider for an inspiring home office renovation.

Styles That Make You Want to Get to Work

Choosing the right style for your home office is a first step that can make a huge difference in your productivity and mood when working from home. One element that has been proven to improve overall mood is having multiple windows letting in natural light to your workspace, and bringing in ample artificial lighting to compensate if you need to work late after dark.

Other design elements in your home office will depend entirely on your specific personal preferences. Do you need a minimalist approach to decrease distractions or will pops of color keep you feeling creative and motivated? Will placing your desk in front of a window with a view inspire you or keep you from focusing?

Still, other home office design questions will rely on the natural layout of your office space and its place among the rest of your home. How much space do you have and how can you make the most of it? Which style will make the most sense within your home as a whole? These types of questions will give you a jumping-off point for making design decisions that can help keep you organized, motivated, and positive when it’s time for work.

Small Home Office Solutions

We may not all have the luxury of having a dedicated extra room to turn into an office or, even if we do, the office space available to us may not be very big. If this is the case, you’ll have to get creative to make the most of the space you have.

In order to set up an office area in a pre-existing room like a living room or bedroom, you’ll need to rearrange furniture and try to find a desk that makes sense for the flow of the rest of the room. Placing your desk in front of a window, creating a sit-or-stand bar height corner workstation, finding a nook within a room that can be transformed into an office area, or installing a floating wall unit with drawer storage underneath are all examples of creative ideas that can help you make a room multi-functional.

If your home office is located in a separate, smaller room, then you’ll want to maximize the amount of light coming in to make it feel larger and have great storage solutions that don’t take up a lot of space. Maximizing wall space and under-desk storage space with built-in shelving is ideal for organizational purposes. Another trick that can help make a small space feel bigger is adding a full-length mirror as room decor since it will reflect light and trick the eye into thinking the room is larger.

Lastly, if multiple people work from home in your household, you’ll need to consider how to section out or share the space available to you. Choosing a large communal desk with room for chairs on either side, separating workspaces with a curtain or divider, or placing desks facing opposite walls if you have the space to do so are all options for making work from home life run a little more smoothly for you and those you live and work with.

Transforming Unique Spaces

If you don’t have a spare bedroom or obvious office space, you may want to consider transforming another area such as an attic, basement, or even looking into a home addition if you’re running out of space in your home. This can help you to create better work-life separation and balance in the long run through clearly defining which spaces are meant for work, and keeping work from spilling out into the entertainment or relaxation areas of your home.

Finding a trusted contractor with design-build services that can help you throughout all steps of the home office renovation process will be key to fully transforming a unique space into a functional office setting. Working with professionals that will listen to your specific needs and collaborate on solutions that match your priorities and budget allows for the creation of a space customized to your preferences that will keep you feeling inspired at work.

Malek Construction Delivers on Excellent Home Office Renovations

A professional team, especially one with interior design capabilities, can help you create or transform your ideal home office within your space, budget, and stylistic preferences. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your office design, adapt a smaller area into a functional home office, or add on or renovate new spaces for working from home, we can develop and deliver on creative and cost-effective solutions.

Malek Construction is a Northeast Ohio general contracting and property development company known for our proven design-build process built on a foundation of actively listening to, understanding, and prioritizing our clients’ unique needs. We keep projects quick and streamlined, work professionally, and treat your home with a high level of respect throughout to make every renovation process as painless as possible. With interior designers on our team, we’re the all-in-one solution for the design, construction, and decoration of your home and outdoor spaces.

If you’re interested in pursuing a home office renovation, contact us today to discuss your vision. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!