best updates to sell your hom

If you’re considering selling your home, it may be hard to decide which home updates to complete before leaving in order to get the best return on your investment. Leaving your home unrenovated may lead to you missing out on a huge opportunity to make more money on the sale, or your home may sit on the market for longer than ideal.

Not all potential home renovations will recoup the same on the sale of a home, so you’ll want to choose ones that have low enough costs and typically have a high ROI. Please note that return on investment is subject to change depending on your area and specific home. However, the ideas that we’ve included here are some of the most popular updates that often impress home buyers.

Keep reading to discover the best updates to sell your home faster and at a higher price point.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting rooms is a great, low-cost way to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. It has a proven, reliable high rate of return as well, making it almost a no-brainer.

Buyers will love to visualize themselves in a fresh, clean home where they can easily imagine implementing their own furniture, decorations, and design preferences. For this reason, we recommend choosing a neutral color that will look simple and clean, appealing to multiple types of buyers.

The outside of your home can make an impeccable first impression with a new coat of paint as well. Hiring a professional to do both exterior and interior painting is still very low-cost on the list of potential updates, and will ensure that it’s completed properly and on the necessary timeline. Painting mistakes or lack of attention to detail by doing it yourself may actually turn buyers away instead of attracting them to want to purchase your home. Professionals can also recommend the right colors for each room depending on other features like lighting and size.

Remodel Bathrooms

A minor bathroom remodel often sees a rate of return at about 102 percent, covering its initial cost. For a very minimal update, you can re-caulk your tubs to keep them looking like new, switch out old fixtures and finishes, and add a fresh coat of paint.

Taking it a few steps further, hiring a professional contractor to replace elements like tile, flooring, sinks, toilets, tubs, and vanities using simple materials can really impress home buyers without breaking the bank. One tip to help keep costs down — if your tub is still in good working order but could use an aesthetic refresh, try reglazing it instead of replacing it fully.

Refresh Landscaping

First impressions and curb appeal are essential for selling your home quickly and at the price point you want. That’s why landscaping, which oftentimes recoups at a 100% rate, is one of the best updates to sell your home.

Don’t let overgrown greenery cover a well-designed and cleaned front porch or doorway stoop. Add additional colorful plantings to cover bare spots and wow potential buyers. Add or repaint an aging fence around the yard. Like with any of these renovation suggestions, you’ll want to make sure to fix any elements that look weathered or cluttered or aren’t functioning properly first, then consider additional elements that may add value with your remaining budget.

Replace or Fix Flooring

Flooring is another element that makes a huge difference when trying to sell your home. Old, outdated floors and stained or otherwise damaged carpets are quick to turn buyers away during tours or open houses.

Buyers typically prefer wood or faux-wood flooring to carpeting but new carpets are cheaper and still provide value. A professional contractor can give you an idea of the potential costs of different flooring materials and install them properly to ensure the best possible ROI.

If replacing flooring entirely isn’t in your budget, try getting wood flooring professionally re-stained and all floors, including carpeting, professionally cleaned. This will make your house as a whole more appealing to potential buyers.

Malek Construction Accomplishes The Best Updates to Sell Your Home

As mentioned throughout this blog, hiring a professional contractor you can trust will help you make the best decisions about your home, stay within your budget, and ensure that all updates are done properly. While some projects may have options to do it yourself, potential mistakes that a professional would be able to avoid may actually end up costing you more than if you had hired a contractor upfront.

Malek Construction is a general contracting and property development company most often recognized for its high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding service and communication with clients.  We know that when you’re in the process of selling your home that your budget and timeline are of the utmost importance. That’s why we keep an open flow of communication during all phases of a project, are honest with clients about the best options for their monetary- and time-related restraints, and act professionally and quickly with quality top of mind.

If you’re interested in updating your Northeast Ohio home to ensure a quick and high-value sale, contact us today to discuss the best updates to sell your home. We look forward to hearing more about your renovation needs!