designing a master suite

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you start your day each morning and the place to which you retreat at the end of a hard day to recharge, rejuvenate, and get ready to do it again. Because of this, putting thought into designing a master suite really matters — especially if you’re getting ready to take apart and totally transform your bedroom space.

Designing a master suite is about more than choosing your favorite finishes or paint colors. It’s more than simply giving your bathroom a makeover and attaching it to your bedroom. A well-designed master suite takes into consideration your individual needs and personality and integrates that into the overall design.

5 Ideas for Designing a Master Suite That Will Turn Your Bedroom Into a Personalized Private Space

1. Create Larger Closets

If you or your spouse have a large collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories, a master suite remodel is the ideal opportunity to truly get organized. Whether you choose one large closet or two separate closets, a complete redesign can finally give you closet space that’s tailored to your individual needs. Install pull-down hanging rods that allow you to store clothes up high and still have them within reach. Custom-built shelves provide easy access and viewing of shoes, purses, or other accessories. A folding table is ideal for packing and unpacking for trips. A closet is more than a closet; it’s a way to make your life more orderly.

2. Move the Laundry Area Closer

If you’re tired of schlepping up and down stairs with a laundry basket, designing a master suite is a chance to move that washer and dryer closer. Consider creating a laundry area adjacent to your master suite. The next time you need to wash a load of towels or laundry, simply take them down the hall. This certainly makes it easier to put clean laundry away, as well!

3. Add a Home Office

All too often, work seeps into the bedroom, either because someone is working late into the night or because they need to escape the noise and activity of the rest of the house and the bedroom is the only place to do so. A home office area in your master suite can help provide a quiet place to get work done without forcing you to climb into bed with your laptop. By partitioning the home office space away from the main bedroom itself, you can keep the energy of work separate from the restful vibe of your bedroom.

4. Create a Space to Chill Out

Your master bedroom suite can also function as a quiet, meditative place to start the morning or wind down a busy day. Separate out a space to become a restful area to do your daily meditation practice or flow through your yoga routine. Build in bookshelves and turn it into a quiet place to sip tea and flip through your favorite books. If you’re a musician, this area could function as a space to practice playing guitar or perfect that violin piece you’ve been working on. For nights when counting sheep doesn’t work, a sitting area off of the master bedroom is the perfect place to sit up reading and not bother your spouse.

5. Treat Yourself to a Second Living Area

The kids are downstairs watching an animated movie on a Saturday night. Imagine having a second living space in which you and your spouse could snuggle and enjoy a movie that doesn’t involve talking animals! Alternately, this second living area could provide ample entertainment for kids who don’t appreciate why all of the adults are shouting and cheering at the main living room television as a bunch of guys sprint up and down a grassy field while carrying a football.

For families with babies and small kids, a second living area off can also function as a soothing place to calm down and cuddle before bed or when nighttime terrors interrupt dreams at 2 a.m. Whether it’s an adults-only living room or a family-friendly extension of your bedroom, adding a second living area is something to consider when designing a master suite.

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