small mudroom design ideas

Busy family life requires absolute order in order to prevent insanity. The old adage, “a place for everything and everything in its place” isn’t just an empty saying; for the well-organized household, it’s a way of life. Anyone who has ever remodeled their bathroom or redesigned their kitchen will know that storage plays heavily in optimizing any space.

The best way to keep things sane and organized in a bustling household is to have an orderly mudroom so that everything you need is at hand whenever you come and go from your house. What if you don’t have the space for a huge mudroom, though? Thankfully, there are plenty of small mudroom design ideas that can use a small entry area to totally transform your entire daily routine.

Our 5 Favorite Small Mudroom Design Ideas

1. Use Hooks for Storage

Quite frankly, we’re hooked on hooks. These handy little devices are for much more than hanging coats up. Use them to store backpacks and avoid shouts of, “Mom! I can’t find it!” as you’re heading out the door. They’re also great for purses and gym bags. Need to store soccer balls, whiffle balls, and assorted other sports paraphernalia to keep it from rolling around or getting lost? Hang a mesh bag from one of the hooks in your mudroom and stash the sports goods in it for an easy fix. Small hooks are also ideal for hanging car keys on so that you’ll never be stuck searching for them again.

2. Benches with Storage Do Double Duty

“Put your shoes on!” You’ve said it 17 times and as you’re heading out the door, but two out of three kids are still in their socks. A bench in your mudroom provides a comfortable place for them to sit and get their shoes on before heading out for whatever adventures await you all. If you’re working with a smaller space, find a bench that has storage underneath the flip-up seat to make the most out of your mudroom area.

3. Shelves and Baskets Are Lifesavers

Make sure your mudroom has an ample amount of shelf space for assorted baskets. It’s also helpful if each basket is clearly labeled and designated for specific items so that they don’t become jumbled free-for-all baskets. One could be for items such as sunglasses and sunscreen, for instance. Another one could be for a selection of toys or books that kids can grab to take with them in the car and deposit back in the basket when they return.

4. Mudrooms Are for More Than Kids

While mudrooms are ideal for parents to keep their kids’ lives in order, they’re also perfect for busy pet owners. Remember those hooks? Use them to hang your dog leashes so they’re ready to go when Fido needs a walk. Baskets are a great way to stash his toys, extra pickup bags, or a travel bowl so that he can quench his thirst on the go.

5. Keep Dirt and Water Out

Mudrooms work as much more than organizational spaces. They also function as a buffer zone between the wild, windy, and sometimes wet outdoors and the rest of your house. Use this space to help your family shed off as much dirt and water as possible before they set foot outside of the entryway.

Choose an attractive doormat that’s highly effective at catching mud and debris before it gets tracked into your home. Even better — have everyone who enters your home take their shoes off in the mudroom. While a built-in shoe organizer works well to keep things tidy, if you don’t have room for this, designate an area against one wall where everyone can remove their shoes and line them up.

Also, provide ample storage for cold and wet weather gear. Make sure coat hanging hooks are conveniently located and find a large basket where everyone can store their umbrellas. This provides the perfect place for everything to dry out and warm up, as well as keeping these items handy for when people head back out the door.

When it comes to keeping items organized and keeping dirt out, these small mudroom design ideas will help make order out of even the busiest home.

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