finished basement for adults

Is your basement a throwaway storage space — a place where you stuff little-used sports equipment, holiday decorations, and the treadmill that seemed like a good idea in the master bedroom until it became an unsightly clothes storage rack? Is it a space that’s more inviting for moths and spiders than for humans? Have you considered turning it into something more usable and fun like a play space for the kids?

What about a play space for the adults?

No, it’s not selfish. Adults need their downtime too. Especially when the rest of your house has turned into a 24-hour-a-day kid zone that’s filled with toys, cartoons, and noise. A finished basement for adults can be the perfect place to have some downtime, relax with friends, or build a better you.

Some of our Favorite Design Ideas for a Finished Basement for Adults

A Booze-Themed Basement

It’s easy to belly up to your favorite bar when that bar is just downstairs. For a truly relaxing finished basement for adults, build the design around your favorite booze.

Display your tap collection.

Show off your treasured bottles of Scotch.

Wine connoisseurs also need a proper place to store their bottles. For the serious collector, an enclosed and temperature-controlled basement wine room is ideal.

If the expense of a temperature-controlled room is out of the question, you can still create a comfortable seating area with gorgeous storage that allows you to admire — and sample — your wine collection.

Sports Paradise

If the rest of your family has no appreciation for which teams are competing in the big game or your need to roar at the screen when things don’t go according to your shouted directions, a sports-themed basement is a great place to cheer on your team without being distracted or creating a disturbance. For the ultimate comfort, movie-theater seating will allow you and your friends to watch sports like you never have before.

Games Galore

For a fun finished basement for adults, include a pool table in your plans so you can invite friends over and shoot a game or two while you relax and have drinks. However, for the ultimate grown-up wonderland, there’s so much more you can do than a basic pool or foosball table.

Why not turn your basement into an arcade, complete with full-sized games?

Install a pinball machine (or twelve) for the ultimate in old-school gameplay.

Basement Spa

For a more relaxing take on the basement built out for adults, a home spa provides a space for relaxation and revitalization without setting foot outside your front door. Your personal spa can be as simple or extravagant as you like. The design below, for instance, features a steam room and a full-sized hot tub surrounded by wood and stone accents that bring the outdoors inside.

In addition to a steam room, you could install a full bathroom that includes a shower in your basement spa. Invest in a massage table and schedule a therapist for a truly luxurious at-home spa experience.

Exercise Room

You remember that dusty treadmill that’s languishing away, unused, in your current basement? What if you built a special space for it — and other exercise equipment — that was attractive and encouraged you to come down and use it?

The treadmill was a violation of your master bedroom space, but it will fit in perfectly in a brand-new basement gym. Install floor-to-ceiling mirrors so that you can keep up proper form as you work out. Special flooring will protect against scratches and dings from weights, as well as insulate when you engage in high-impact movements like jumps. You’ll never have to invest in a gym membership again.

With a basement yoga studio, you’ll also never have to leave the house to perfect your downward dog or warrior pose again. Natural accents such as wood and stone help make the space serene and beautiful. Adjustable lighting will give you the ideal place to stretch, breathe, and meditate. Include storage for your mats, blocks, towels, straps, and other equipment and you’ll have a space that’s usable and perfectly organized.

No matter your interests, there’s a way to customize a finished basement for adults that will perfectly suit your lifestyle and hobbies.

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