bringing interior design and construction together

Home remodeling and construction is about more than simply creating a quality product. It’s also about crafting something that speaks to the homeowner’s preference and overall style. That’s why bringing interior design and construction together is so important.

Not Every Contractor Has Interior Design Expertise

Contractors know building. This is excellent when it comes to constructing a dream kitchen or remodeling a run-of-the-mill bathroom. However, just because a contractor is excellent at building doesn’t mean that they’re the best ones to advise on things such as light fixtures, backsplashes and tile, or finishes and hardware that will match your tastes. That’s where a design-build firm with in-house interior designers comes in. Both roles are key in creating a finished product that matches exactly what you have in your mind’s eye.

That being said, it’s important to find an experienced contractor who works seamlessly with interior designers to get the best end result. A designer will have ideas around lighting plans for each room and may have suggestions for built-ins and accessories that will take spaces up a notch. Bringing interior design and construction together from the start will help put the project on track with minimal changes to be made as it nears completion.

Bringing Interior Design and Construction Together to Set Goals and Priorities

Maybe you want a more open kitchen. You’d also like it to have more storage. It also needs to have more of a contemporary flair that better matches the decor throughout the rest of your home. Working with an interior designer can help ensure that your priorities are factored into the goals of the architectural and construction teams.

An interior designer is also helpful in foreseeing, communicating, and preventing issues that may interfere with the end result of the overall design. Your designer will be involved in the process from the start, visiting the construction site as soon as work on the project begins. They’ll work with the architect, builder, and tradespeople in each stage of the project to ensure that your vision can be made a reality.

Maybe the antique chandelier you’ve visualized for your new bathroom space isn’t one that’s safe to be used in a room with high heat and humidity. An interior designer will help catch this before the wiring is finished and needs to be undone. Maybe the antique fixture won’t be possible in the space, but a designer will help you find one that will work while still matching your overall style.

Easy and Seamless Communication

Some people see the addition of a designer to a building project as another element that adds cost. In fact, a designer can help streamline the process, saving time and money. Since designers have experience with construction projects and are on site watching their projects progress, they notice when something goes off course — and they often notice it before other members of the team do. This means that mistakes can be corrected before they add up to a huge loss in time and money.

If problems do arise, designers can help brainstorm and strategize with the builder to get around roadblocks in a way that will suit the client’s needs. Sometimes, the original design needs to be modified in order to make it a reality. Having a designer on board means that decisions can be made quickly, without causing additional delays.

Designers are also skilled at helping to coordinate deliveries, as well as communicating with tradesmen, working with them to ensure that everything is built out according to your wishes. In terms of smart home and audio choices, designers can help ensure that construction decisions made now won’t inhibit the ability to upgrade systems in the future.

Of course, the most important piece in the communication puzzle is you, the homeowner. Bringing interior design and construction together ensures clear and constant updates and lines of communication with you so that you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

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