home building trends

This year is the beginning of a new decade, and with it brings new home building trends and designs. We have come a long way in interiors, but where do we stand now? Looking at some new and exciting trends on the horizon, let’s not forget about the mistakes of our past.

Trends From the Past


In the past, almost every home had carpet. It was standard, but as we continue moving into the future, that’s becoming less and less common. Homeowners are electing to go with wood, tile, or an alternative material since they are easier to maintain and keep clean. They also provide your home with a more sophisticated look. With all the cost-effective alternative options to hardwood and tile flooring, homeowners everywhere are making the switch.

If you’re interested in installing hardwood floors in your home, check out our blog on Everything You Need to Know About the Installation of Hardwood Floors, or if tile is more your style, read our blog Here’s Why Contractors Are Vital When Installing a Tile Floor.

Traditional Wallpaper

The days of traditional wallpaper are long gone and have either been replaced by a coat of paint or a decal wallpaper. These alternatives cut down on install time and are quickly and easily peeled off and swapped out when your space needs a refresh.

Popcorn Ceilings

Nowadays, the only place popcorn belongs is in the movie theaters covered with butter. Popcorn ceilings are a thing of the past. Many of today’s homeowners are opting for cleaner-looking texture as well as something easy to paint over if the color gets dull over time. Does your house still have popcorn ceilings?

Oversized Furniture

This trend was popular in the 90s because everyone was convinced that bigger was better, but as we’ve come to realize, that’s not always the case. Oversized furniture typically shrinks a room, is a waste of space, and can oftentimes feel claustrophobic. Now people lean towards a Scandinavian design that’s both minimal and clean. Of course, this all depends on your own personal style.

Current Home Building Trends


Technology has taken over society, and it’s been quickly making its way into our homes as well. The age of the smart home is here. Homeowners have shown that they’re now willing to invest in technology that will make their lives easier AND save them money at the same time. We can now control our electronics, security, lighting, and even the temperature of the house all from a mobile device.

Water/Energy Efficiency

Conserving both energy and water have become more and more important to homeowners as technology continues to improve. This includes more efficient furnaces, low water sinks and toilets, plus using recycled water to flush toilets and water plants. Solar energy has also become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Homeowners in areas with year-round sun are investing in solar panels to power their homes. Giving back to the planet has become easier for homeowners with these trending and ever-developing home features.

Multi-Purpose Furnishings

As homeowners are beginning to move towards condos and smaller homes, the limited space is leading to more multi-purpose furnishings such as sofas that turn into beds at night or ottomans that open up for storage. Multi-purpose furnishings are helping homeowners make the most of their space and give it purpose.

Eco-Friendly/Green Homes

One of the more popular home building trends has been the shift to eco-friendly homes. As a society, we’re becoming more environmentally friendly. Homeowners are opting for sustainable materials such as paint, flooring, countertops, and adhesives, just to name a few in order to take care of our environment.

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living areas are becoming more and more popular over the last couple of years. They function similar to an indoor living room with furniture, entertainment systems like TVs and audio systems, and much more. The outdoor living area has simply become an extension of the living room, especially in areas of the country with warmer climates. You can design your outdoor living area to have a similar look and feel to your indoor living room, offering a seamless transition between the two. Outdoor decks and patios are great areas to turn into your outdoor living areas. Check out our blog on Outdoor Deck Ideas That Can Improve Your Backyard for examples and ideas.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are a relatively new concept in residential home design. The phrase “open floor plan” when used in residential architecture refers to a house in which two or more traditional-use spaces have been joined to form a much larger space by eliminating some of the partition walls that normally divide rooms. Open floor plans also reduce or eliminate hallways that create wasted space. With fewer walls, rooms feel bigger and so the size of individual spaces can be smaller. The most obvious benefit of open plan living is that it lets the family spend more time together. There’s a reason that the kitchen is known as the heart of the home. A large open plan space allows you to still enjoy your valuable relaxation time but as a family.

Importance of Working With a Licensed Contractor

Implementing some of these home building trends by yourself may seem enticing, but we recommend working with a licensed contractor to ensure that the work is done right and done with no mistakes.

A team of experts is able to handle a project with much more ease than you could by trying to do it yourself. It’s easy to run into the risk of injuring yourself, constructing something incorrectly, or simply not having the required knowledge to complete a project. Especially during uncertain times like these, relying on a licensed contractor can be beneficial because we’ll come in, do the work for you, and simply let you enjoy the finished product.

Remember This Before Remodeling

Before you jump right into applying some of these home building trends, you should know where to find a team of experienced designers and contractors that can help make your dreams a reality.

Our team can provide you with the direction, vision, and execution you need when you decide it’s time to work on your home. We can also help you with any additional projects that you might be considering.

Let our team be the ones to give your home the right look and feel. At Malek Construction, our team works hard to make you feel right at home. Contact us today, and we’ll help you build the home of your dreams.