exterior construction, repair, and remodeling

When you think of remodeling, you probably think of installing a brand new kitchen, updating the bathroom, or finishing the basement. How about giving the outside of your home a makeover? Exterior construction, repair, and remodeling can improve the quality of your life inside the house, as well as increasing energy efficiency and home value.

Types of Exterior Construction, Repair, and Remodeling

Exterior construction can take a home from blah to beautiful, making it look like an entirely different house. Change out your tired old tile roofing and upgrade it to a sleek new metal roof. Cover up traditional brick with siding. New gutters can help improve drainage around your property, as well as provide an update to an aging house. Enjoy a whole host of benefits from installing new windows, or transform your backyard with an outdoor living area, deck, or patio.

Lower Home Energy Bills

One important reason that people have exterior construction, repair, and remodeling done on their homes is to lower their energy use and in turn, lower their monthly electrical bills. Many exterior remodeling projects don’t just make a home look nicer; they also keep heating and cooling bills lower. Covering an existing brick exterior with vinyl siding, for instance, can help. Adding a layer of insulation under the siding creates an exterior that’s extremely energy-efficient.

Another exterior change that better insulates your home is updating your windows. Particularly in older homes, windows can be a real source of drafts in the wintertime, as well as an entry point for the hot rays of the sun in the summer months. Low-e windows feature a thin metallic coating in the glass that helps keep heat inside during the winter and reflect UV rays during the summer, keeping your home at the appropriate temperature year-round.

Noise Reduction

Another reason to remodel your home is if you live in an area where noise pollution follows you right into your living and sleeping areas. Your home is your sanctuary, and no one wants to retreat inside to read a book or take a nap, only to be assaulted by the sounds of the kids next door playing or loud cars driving past.

This is yet another way that new windows can help. Old, single-paned glass, in addition to being horrible at keeping out the elements, is also a poor sound barrier. Today’s double-paned window solutions, when properly installed and sealed, help keep everything out — noise included.

Proper insulation can also help with noise reduction. Another way to get some peace and quiet is to ditch your flimsy front door and install a sturdy one that can block out sound. Like windows, your doors must be properly installed and sealed in order to keep out drafts, as well as to keep out pesky sounds.

Bump Up Your Home’s Value

If you ever sell your home, the exterior of it tells a potential buyer a lot at first glance. A photo of your home with an updated, nicely-maintained exterior could mean the difference between them clicking on your listing to find out more or scrolling past to look for a home that appears to need less work.

Even if a potential buyer actually visits your home for a showing, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Their feeling when they first drive up and see the house is going to affect their overall opinion of the home, regardless of what they see within. If they walk out back to find a beautiful outdoor living space constructed there, this will be a huge selling point, as well. Wow them when they first arrive and continue to impress them as they move throughout.

While opinions may be just that, your home is only worth what people will pay. An updated exterior won’t just up its value with appraisers; it will also make it a more attractive property when it’s on the market.

Experience Matters

Whether your goal is to reduce costs, reduce noise, or increase the value of your home, it’s important to work with a complete exterior construction contractor. Exterior construction projects such as outdoor kitchens and patios often involved structural know-how, as well as expertise around plumbing and electrical wiring. Installation of doors, windows, and siding can be a huge improvement, but only when done correctly. When they’re installed improperly, they can turn into a nightmare. Working with a professional contractor ensures that the project is done the right way the first time around.

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