basement remodeling contractor

If you live in Northeast Ohio, you know that the bad weather outside this time of year can cause you and the family to get stir crazy. Especially this year, when we’ve all spent a little too much time indoors. A basement remodeling contractor can help you transform a throwaway storage space into a new practical area or entertainment space that will keep your home feeling fresh.

Here are four ideas for a finished basement that will benefit everyone in your home.

Media Room

A remodeled basement media room is a perfect space for keeping the whole family entertained. It’ll keep your house exciting during the winter months when you’re spending most of your time inside.

You can transform your basement into another family room with enough seating for everyone to gather, or even get movie theater seating to make it feel like you’re getting out of the house. A popcorn machine or snack bar can add another fun element, while a new sound system can really make a difference in giving you that in-theater experience.

Home Office or School Room

With many adults working from home and students learning from home, you may be running out of space upstairs for everyone to concentrate and get work done throughout the weekdays. The perfect practical basement remodeling solution is a home office, schoolroom, or a combination of the two.

If you’re up to a more ambitious remodel or already have multiple rooms in your basement, consider renovating more than one space for different uses or family members. If you’re looking for more of a redecoration than a remodel, consider placing desks for different people in different corners or using a screen or curtain for added privacy or separation. For a more collaborative approach, consider partner desks for you and your significant other or for multiple kids to do schoolwork and homework together.

Since kids will hopefully be able to go back to school in the coming months, if you’re creating an area for schooling, be sure to make it a versatile space that can have multiple uses. A schoolroom can double as a homework space, kids’ craft area, or library with shelving to hold books and supplies. A basement remodeling contractor can help you come up with innovative ideas that will work for you and your family’s unique lifestyle.

Man or Woman Cave

If you need space for a little separation during this time while everyone is constantly hanging out at home, a basement man or woman cave can serve as the perfect getaway. Depending on your interests, this room can work for multiple purposes — whether that’s a place to watch sports, play video games, craft, or zen out. The most important part is that the room helps you to break away for some alone time and relaxation.

A basement bar or wine area is also a great entertainment space for the adults. For wine or whiskey experts, wall racks or shelves are the perfect display for showing off a collection. If you’re an avid beer drinker, you could even consider getting your favorite brews on tap. Now is a great time for this kind of renovation because once we’re able to gather again, you’ll have the perfect excuse for inviting family and friends over to try it out.

Spare Bedroom

Speaking of getting your home ready for when you’re able to start hosting again, a basement guest room is a great renovation for making sure family and friends have a little privacy and separation when they start staying over again. A basement bedroom is also a suitable space for an older kid if you currently have children that are sharing a room or would consider converting an upstairs bedroom into a different space.

Since basements may not have any exposure to natural, outdoor lighting, you might consider installing bright light fixtures to counteract the lack of light. Depending on the amount of space in your basement, its existing features, and how big of a renovation you’re willing to undergo, you may want to think about adding additional rooms. You can build or renovate an en-suite bathroom and/or a kitchenette to make your basement into a fully-separated apartment-like space for a family member, guests, or even to rent out.

Partner with a Professional Basement Remodeling Contractor

If remodeling a basement on your own, you run the risk of improper waterproofing, using materials that don’t work for your basement, or encountering even worse issues. Renting or buying the right supplies is already expensive on its own, and a lack of expertise can lead to more expenses down the line if any steps of the renovation aren’t completed correctly. That’s why partnering with a basement remodeling contractor is vital to any basement home improvement project.

Our team has the expertise to help you execute every step of a basement remodel — from the brainstorming and planning period to the actual renovating, and even interior designing and decorating at the end. We can help you get the job done faster and better with our team’s capacity and an extensive range of knowledge. At Malek Construction, we focus on collaboration to help you shape your vision and bring it to life. Contact us today to make your dream basement a reality within your home.